Dutch Criminal Record share ‘Feel Good’.

The South Coast trio serve up a jangly piece of sun-bleached indie.


Whether it’s due to the heatwave that has just passed through the UK, or the feeling of post-lockdown freedom as the world cautiously re-opens it’s doors, the new single by Dutch Criminal Record really does hit the spot. Aptly entitled ‘Feel Good’, the South Coast three-piece throw unnecessary complexity and caution to the wind, as touching harmonies and funk-tinged guitars cut through pent-up stress like a hot knife through butter. But, beneath the track’s seemingly carefree approach lies a more serious message and a nod to the importance of being mindful of one’s mental health.

On the subject of the tracks origin vocalist Joe Delaney-Stone explains, “I was listening to Orange Juice in my room (the song ‘Rip It Up’ to be precise) idly playing guitar and the opening riff to Feel Good just sort of fell onto my fingers as I was playing along. I liked it so I decided to write a song about feeling good as the riff has a chipper vibe to it, however once the lyrics formed it ended up being a sarcastic take on the keep calm and carry on, slap a smile on it attitude towards mental health.”

‘Feel Good’ is the Portsmouth band’s new single and introduces Dutch Criminal Record as a band that naturally harness the positivity new music needs right now in 3 minutes and 16 seconds of breezy, groove-laden indie goodness.

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