BUGS premiere DIY video for debut single.

The South Londoners deliver a dark and DIY video for their debut single.


Death will come for us all, often in unpredictable circumstances. There’s a certain freedom in not knowing the end to your own story, what we are in control of is the way we live and act on a day-to-day basis. On the music video for ‘Nick Gowland’, we’re offered an insight into the many possible ways that the protagonist will meet it’s end. My guess is the cat.

Between the deeply heartwarming harmonies and the slow-burning instrumental builds, ‘Nick Gowland’ is equally a rallying cry and a warning shot, a dreamlike journey that seeps further into your soul with each listen.

The DIY video for the South London four-piece’s debut single is explained best by BUGS’ Alice Western, “I wanted to create the video in a way that continued the DIY ethos of the single – we recorded and mixed the single ourselves, so I wanted to create and edit the music video myself too. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many talented creative people and I thought it would be cool to involve some of those friends in the process. Most of the video footage was filmed by my housemate Juliusz on a handheld camcorder borrowed from our other housemate Craig, who was also involved and kindly let me throw food at his face and film him shouting out of my bedroom window.”

What would life be without friends and enemies – we may never know. It’s a bug eat bug world, but we know which side were on. Find BUGS on Spotify here.

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