Psych son Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits.

The Cornish outfit unveil the hallucinogenic rock of ‘King of Pentacles’.


Being consumed by ‘King of Pentacles’ by Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits, is comparable to experiencing hallucinations due to desert dehydration. As you struggle to find a water source, knees bloody from crawling on all fours, a picturesque watering hole with palm trees for shade appears, alas, a mirage. It’s at this point where the new single by Cornish psychedelic outfit Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits, begins to loop in your mind.

Built around a rolling riff that wraps itself around you, ‘King of Pentacles’ worships at the alter rock music. No doubt a nod to Led Zeppelin or more recently the rough cuts of Australia’s King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard, the Cornish outfit’s vocal delivery and hard rock flavour suits the stifling June heat of summer to a tee.

‘King of Pentacles’ is one of five tracks that will form part of the band’s debut EP ‘Isolation Tarot’, inspired by his mother’s psychic reading of
tarot cards and their personal meaning. The video alone is enough to make you loose track of your senses.

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