Rebecka Reinhard releases video for ‘Whale’.

After a period of musical and personal discovery, Rebecka Reinhard releases ‘Whale’.


Rebecka Reinhard has returned with a video for her new release ‘Whale’, a track that forms part of an EP due this summer. ‘Whale’ combines the delicate vocal nature of Rebecka’s previous work with a harder hitting instrumental approach, the newly formed full band dynamics suits the songwriting to a tee.

Based around dreamy guitar chords with lyrics painting watercolour images of coastal calm and clarity of headspace which is often associated with being by the ocean, Rebecka’s way with words and portrayal of emotion never fall short. The track builds into a beautifully loose groove with guitars that glisten and sparkle in the skilfully crafted and dusky melodies.

Steeped in a lyrical melancholy and containing emotive passages that recall innate feelings of strength through vulnerability, ‘Whale’ feels like a song that could have only be written by Rebecka Reinhard. Speaking about the new release Rebecka states, “.. ‘Whale’ sounds happy but is quite sad and cynical and has a deep, hidden melancholy, a bit like old soul songs ..”.

Recorded between two vastly different environments – London and the Swedish countryside – Rebecka Reinhard’s upcoming EP, also entitled ‘Whale’, arrives after a period of musical and personal discovery.

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