A mind-melting new single by FEWS.

The Malmö outfit return with the blistering ‘Heaven’ and announce July EP.


Like a friend that you haven’t heard from in a while, however your mind is safe in the knowledge that when you do meet, it will be as if no time at all has passed, FEWS return. One band member down (and a new one recruited), and with their comeback single ‘Heaven’ released through their own label Hello Dog (after parting ways with PIAS imprint Play It Again Sam last year), the Malmö-based outfit return.

In March of 2019 FEWS unleashed a body of work entitled ‘Into Red’, an emotionally heavyweight ten track album which allowed room for emotional heartache and deep thought alongside unstoppable momentum and hook-laden melodies. See ‘More Than Ever’, ‘Paradiso’ and the touching ’97’.

On July 3rd FEWS will release a new EP named ‘Dog’ which will consist of four tracks that the new line up recorded at their home studio in Malmö, Sweden with local engineer Gustav Brunn. The band have described their new video for ‘Heaven’ as ,“.. a motorik, kraut-punk earworm that continues where Anything Else signed-off and is the first glimpse of things to come in the sonic development of FEWS.”

I was lucky enough to be in attendance at FEWS’ headline show at The Lexington, London last year, and the gig stood in my top 10 of 2019. No doubt FEWS will thrive, as ever being the underdog, unshackled from the constraints a label can bring, with their sights set for mind-melting mayhem.

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