Psych pop duo TTRRUUCES share new video.

‘I’m Alive’ is the latest piece of their psych pop opera.


Cast your minds back to this time last year. For the vast majority of music lovers, we would’ve been joyfully sipping overpriced pints, knee-deep in mud, watching band after band tear up festival stages, resting safe in the knowledge that life could not possibly taste any sweeter. With this yearly phenomenon placed well and truly on hold, it’s hard to imagine what the sound of 2020’s summer will look like. Luckily for the hedonistic sun gods, psychedelic pop outfit TTRRUUCES have stepped up to the plate on their latest single, ‘I’m Alive’.

The new single marks just one instalment of TTRRUUCES’ visual rock opera series. Each episode follows the adventures of protagonists Sadie (Sad Girl) and Syd (The Lost Boy) as they weave their way through a variety of physical and animated guises. ‘I’m Alive’ features the pair as cartoons, rolling blissfully through a summer of fairground rides, trips to the beach, dancing under the stars and having an enviously good time. If we can’t have our own outdoor fun this summertime, then at least we can vicariously live through Sadie and Sid.

The song itself is a sumptuous blend of shimmering guitars and sizzling synths. Like the warm touch of a ray of sunshine, the melody basks in the heat of its psychedelic hooks and hip-gyrating grooves. Echoing the tropical flavours of Crystal Fighters and the soulful sounds of Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire’s hazy vocals. With it’s layered soundscape of bright and fuzzy textures, ‘I’m Alive’ provides an uplifting outlet of hot-blooded pleasure.

If ever there was a time that we needed to rediscover a ‘lust for life’, in most cases, it would be now. With ‘I’m Alive’s’ infectious combination of glistening sounds and stimulating visuals, TTRRUUCES have well and truly succeeded. With their self-titled debut LP set for release on the 26th June, the summer is most definitely looking up.

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