Psych pop explorers Vinyl Williams share new video.

The Los Angeles outfit unveil colourful new visual ahead of upcoming album ‘Azure’.


Grab that two for one newspaper voucher you’ve had pinned to your fridge and jump on the magical roller coaster that is the Vinyl Williams’ video for ‘Mithras’. Ahead of the American band’s full-length album ‘Azure’ out June 5th via Parisian label Requiem Pour Un Twister. 

The startling video to ‘Mithras’ is a first person view of a video game theme park ride with a besiege of saturated colours as if RollerCoaster Tycoon and Far Cry’s hallucinogenic and psychedelic sequences came together as one.

The intoxicating and kaleidoscopic odyssey of ‘Mithras’ itself is a gateway to another plain, it’s a motley combination of trance-inducing psychedelia and a funk-tinged bass line. ‘Mithras’ is extraordinarily spell-binding, if you’re into contemporary neo-psychedelic acts such as Jacco Gardner, Morgan Delt and The Holydrug Couple, then Vinyl Williams will certainly be for you.

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