Crush share video for ‘All My Plants Are Dead’.

The Manchester dream pop outfit shine bright on new video.


Manchester quartet Crush are onto a good thing. This month they’ve shared the visual for their joyous new release ‘All My Plants Are Dead’. The video documents the band happily running around town with their cactus, seemingly in reflection of the good times spent together, before the inevitable happens. How close we grow to living things in lockdown…

‘All My Plants Are Dead’ comes at you right off the bat with a direct and angular guitar line beautifully reminiscent of Brooklyn dream pop favourites DIIV. Bass grooves slowly snake around the track as an atmosphere of anxiety builds into a chorus that is crowned by Amber Warren’s ethereal vocal.

The band excel at creating a sense of suffocating anxiety through the gaze of tightly-wound pop music. Crush state that, “The song focuses on the idea of the cold human race and an increasingly insular society. It’s about struggling to look after yourself as much as it is struggling to look after your houseplants.” 

Few bands I’ve listened to lately toe the line so exquisitely between the words dream and pop. Find Crush here.

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