Australian outfit Beans groove on ‘Stride’.

Taken from their upcoming LP, Beans unveil epic new cut.


Geelong groovers Beans release ‘Stride’ ahead of their sophomore record ‘All Together Now’ (June 26th via Flightless Records) – with the Baked branding now peeled off the tin.

There’s no doubting we’re all players in the universe’s theatrics right now. The scene in question is far from entertaining, with trap-doors leading to everywhere, nowhere and all the discord in-between. Spotlights shining spectacled mayhem on our minds… it’s time for a personally prompted re-set. Were we all to take the Sladest, ‘Know Who You Are’ course with Beans, we’d infinitely come to realise that despite all, there is a light at the end of your tunnelled flares and it’s orchestrated electrics.

‘Stride’ is a toe-tapped ‘Ring Around’ from previous Beans releases. Acting as a wide collared eye opener to simpler times it magnifies character, like putting on a pair of Avalon Speedway aviators and staring through a double-glazed garage mirror; finally seeing your ‘true self’ in the Hidden Rider haze state of your deepest dreams.

A chooglers anthem for riff rattled re-discovery and unified side-stepping, ‘Stride’ gloriously screens us from worldly chaos via streams of melodic sparkle- like a kaleidoscopic fringed curtain, beaded out of five shredded disco balls and one collective drive to promote a light-hearted sense of self. Stepping through this transformative state of being to the other, more cosmic-channelled circle of life, three minutes in and we’re cruisin’ rock n roll to the highest order of bliss-out.

This may only be the beginning but at least Beans can confirm they “ain’t got nothing to hide”, and that green eyeshadow is going places. To be “still in love with the world, with the radio on” – a flighted impart from a band of boogie-blessed Beans.

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