Peter Bibby shares garage rock gem ‘Oceans’.

Destructive garage rock from the world hub of new psychedelia.


We’re celebrating a decade since the release of Tame Impala’s arguably generation-defining, seminal modern-day classic ‘Innerspeaker’. Throughout the last 10 years Spinning Top Music have been at the forefront of the expansion of the Australian psychedelic movement that has spanned across multiple continents. Spinning Top Music are the “management, home and sometimes label” of Tame Impala, Cameron Avery, Pond and.. Peter Biddy.

Their latest release, by Peter Bibby, is ‘Oceans’, a garage rock sledgehammer seeping through into the realms of grunge pop akin to early Yuck, ‘Oceans’ is a fuzz fever dream. A flood of barbed, Pixie-esque vocals and a cauldron of riffs, Peter Bibby have brewed up a banger of a soundtrack to a gnarly surf during the most treacherous of tides.

The video to ‘Oceans’ was shot around the Western Australian port city of Fremantle and fits the track’s glorious ramshackle and DIY feel, which acts almost like a pastiche of the 90’s in its aesthetic.

Get your swimming gear on and let’s take a belly flopping, comet death dive of a dunk into Peter Bibby’s ‘Oceans’ right now.

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