Canadian indie outfit Little Kid share ‘Losing’.

From their upcoming LP, the Toronto natives pull you close.


Toronto crooners Little Kid have shared ‘Losing’, an insight into their forthcoming album entitled ‘Transfiguration Highway’, and label debut on Solitaire Recordings, due July 3rd.

Take it from a romantic torn between states of impassioned regret and figurative dog-racing, this is a yearn-yielded tale of Car Seat Headrest’s ‘Twin Fantasy’, love-lost sentimentalities and successful unsuccess. Delicately plucked but with total might, like home-grown twine trailing out from the tightly strung bindings of a secret-garden swing, Little Kid gently rock between the home comforts of golden era esteem and lo-fi high-rise.

This four-piece are an elemental eiderdown for the heart, ‘Losing’ is like Neil Young’s ‘Landing On Water’ via the great expanse of Whitney’s ‘Light Upon The Lake’. A gentle dip into depths of personal nostalgia, rolling up your soul slacks and dancing between sanded pebbles of simplicity, this is the canopied projections of fiction soundtracking a universal yearning for belonging.

Little Kid have ‘always had a way with’ impress, and this stand out is no exception.

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