Poetic imagery and folk beauty by Lily Hayes.

Reflecting on the intricacies of first love and self-exploration.


The release of ‘Still Young’ by Lily Hayes arrives at a time when we all have to take stock of our health, our footprint and our future path. ‘Still Young’ is a gentle but defiant march into a future misted by the unknown, but certainly full of opportunity. The minimalist instrumental approach and delicately euphoric vocal carries enough strength for us all to rally behind.

Arriving in Brighton via Cornwall having played shows with the likes of The Golden Dregs and Holiday Ghosts, not to mention a 2018 tour with London favourites Tugboat Captain, Lily Hayes’ second single to date arrives today (May 18th). Having been produced and mixed by Johnny and Will Griffiths of Brighton band Speedboat, ‘Still Young’ is the follow up to 2019’s beautiful and emotionally winding effort ‘Soft on Me’.

Described as an “.. exploration of first love and vulnerability in self assurance”, ‘Still Young’ is as relatable as it is refreshing lyrically. Shimmering imagery of time spent by the ocean, reflecting on feelings and finding life’s answers through self-exploration seem key to Lily Hayes’ perfectly nostalgic musical expression.

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