Post-punk trio Repairs unleash dark new cut.

The Auckland trio unleash an unstoppable post-punk groove.


An outpour of charged fury, Repairs are a group who know the worth in collective roaming and yet somehow, advance still happens faster here than a post-punk rivet-race. Painting halfway lines down steep hills of bite gritted lyricism, clasp the breaks on this two-minute rambler and you’re left with nothing but thrilled urge to go again and, a breathy drive for immediate transformation.

Perpetually stalling as internal lights fail to switch from no-go to amber to winners green, keep one eye on the right and full gear towards the bigger picture because ultimately, Last chances are nothing more than an excuse to keep holding on to emptiness – take the highroad forward and quit ‘patiently waiting’ by contacted crossroads of chanced hope and poorly cornered clarity, you’ll just keep going full circle.

‘Last Chances’ is a bathroom wall scrawled ‘fuck you’ to anyone who plays with emotional ignite decked in heart-on-sleeve flammables. An anthemic imprint of personal redevelopment, stop giving time to folk who aren’t worth it… stick with this group instead.

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