Lo-fi indie charm on new LP by Bloody Death.

‘After Hours Dreaming’ is the new LP by South Coast native Bloody Death.


Discovering Bloody Death was a thing of beauty. Having been originally dragged in by my ear with ‘Never Have I Ever’, a tune which encapsulates everything I love about alternative rock in 3 minutes 25 seconds sharp. The album, ‘After Hours Dreaming’ has a coming of age feeling to it both lyrically and through it’s experimental nature.

“These songs talk about old friends, new beginnings and accepting that life’s going to be alright”, says Eastbourne native Ted Foster aka Bloody Death. This freedom of thought and the intimate nature of it’s subject matter allows the album to fly from energetic 90’s college rock, synth-pop to acoustic without it ever sounding too out of place – quite a feat.

The lo-fi indie charm of ‘Man, Why So Light’, ‘Drop of Golden Sun’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ sound like lost gems of a noughties indie generation, whilst ‘Dance on My Own’ will scream out to Happyness or Yuck fans directly. ‘I Can See It Now’ is so delicate instrumentally and intimate in it’s vocal, that it perfectly soundtracks your daydreams.

All music on ‘After Hours Dreaming’ was written and played by Ted Foster, except one drum track by Jimmy Balfour-Lynn. Foster’s image for Bloody Death’s album was seemingly one of intimacy, experimentation and understated alternative rock anthems, all packed into 30 minutes of lo-fi charm. Check out Bloody Death on Bandcamp.

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