Shoegazers bdrmm have ‘A Reason to Celebrate’.

Leeds/ Hull outfit Bdrmm reach dizzying heights with latest starry-eyed single.


With their captivating debut EP ‘if not, when?’ resting safely under the belt, the Leeds-cum-Hull five-piece are venturing into deeper realms with the release of their latest epic single, ‘A Reason to Celebrate’.

The band’s latest effort is a harmonious blend of warm and full bodied sounds, on first listen the melody swells around you like a comforting blanket of gentle flowing water. Layered with the hazy texture of frontman Ryan Smith’s airy vocals, we’re submerged in 3 minutes and 44 seconds of pure escapism.

As we enter the middle section of the track, our relaxed state of mind is met with a welcoming crescendo. The melodic elements finally melt into place around the consoling sentiment that “It’s OK for you to walk away”.

‘A Reason to Celebrate’ marks the second offering shared from the band’s upcoming debut LP ‘BEDROOM’, track by track it seeks to tackle the various stages of a break-up. However, this stand alone single sets out bdrmm as masters of elevation. By drizzling everyday hurts with sensory hooks and dazzling dream pop rhythms, the band create an elaborate soundscape in which we can pleasantly relate, revel and reflect.

In taking a bold leap of faith by continually releasing music under the dark cloud of national lockdown, bdrmm have provided musos with a much-needed outlet of starry shoegaze solace, which resonates best in the cosy quiet of your own company.

If we’re in it for the long haul, then praise the gods of dream pop that we have ‘BEDROOM’ to look forward to, released July 3rd via Sonic Cathedral.

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