Public Body crash through the gears on new single.

The Brightonian post-punks are up to well placed mischief with their latest anthem for the people.


Straight from the stomping pits of Brighton, our everyday heroes Public Body have once again donned their black capes, tightened their shoelaces and turned their megaphone volume up to maximum in an audacious bid to shout the good word of their latest single, ‘Naughty On My Bike’.

Representing the complaints of everyman, Public Body have made the annoyance of using the public transport system their latest worthy protest, delivering their campaign speech with such captivating enthusiasm and endearing menace that we simply cannot help but rally to the cause. Using their signature snappy guitar hooks and a brash brutal tone, the band remain true to their post-punk heritage and seek to redefine the phrase ‘a need for speed’. Careering round the melody on their trusty two wheels Public Body seize power and hand it back to the people, sparking an instantaneous desire to hop on our bikes and seek out mischief with this track as an essential accompanying theme song.

Following their self-titled debut in early 2019, the band have a zesty new line up, ‘Naughty On My Bike’ marking the next stage of a top gear pedal towards the release of their second EP. ‘Naughty On My Bike’ is an accomplished stand-alone sprint which leaves us in eager anticipation for the end result.

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