Cagework tease upcoming album with ‘Monochrome’

The London-based trio gear up for their sophomore album release with new single.


It’s early May and lockdown in London is in full swing. The music industry reschedules, reshapes and refashions itself quicker than a NEXT sale on Boxing Day. As the grassroots music community rallies it’s troops once more to save the building blocks of an industry that contributed £5.2bn to the UK economy in 2018 (according to the Music By Numbers study published by UK Music), life must go on and artists must keep releasing music. #SAVEOURVENUES

One of those very artists is Cagework, who are set to release their sophomore album ‘Exercise in Conflict’ on May 29th. After sharing both ‘Jagged’ and ‘Safe and Sound’ last month, we’re now ready for more.

‘Monochrome’ was engineered and produced by frontman Samuel Bedford keeping in tone with the project’s DIY roots, “We’ve been working on this for just under two years so it feels good to finally get to tell everyone”, Bedford mentioned on announcing it’s release. ‘Monochrome’ tears at the seam of traditional Rock music structures and shows the see-saw emotional and instrumental dynamics we’ve come to love within Cagework’s back catalogue.

Though it will be an online-only release for now, there are other ways to support independent artists. Head over to their Bandcamp for more info.

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