Los Bitchos and tropical pop drop ‘Frozen Margarita’.

London’s Los Bitchos unveil ‘tour footage’ video for their sun-kissed B-side release.


It’s mentioned too often at the moment, but London-based quintet Los Bitchos really are the band that we all need in these times. The London based psychedelic cumbia quintet, who initially started as a recording only project, have become one of the most exciting bands in the country.

Due to the current crisis, Los Bitchos have sadly seen their planned tour dates postponed and/ or cancelled, including a special trip to Austin’s SXSW Festival. This is Los Bitchos though, and gloom isn’t in their lexicon, so rolling with the punches, the outfit have dropped a video to B-side ‘Frozen Margarita’.

Filmed and edited by Kika Rodriguez during the bands tour with Australian garage-rock outfit The Murlocs, Los Bitchos’ video for ‘Frozen Margarita’ fully encapsulates the band’s wholesome vibe.

Be sure to get ‘Frozen Margarita’ down your neck – especially if you’re a fan of the likes of Yin Yin, Mauskovic Dance Band, Sven Wunder, Tropa Magica and other wonderful bands delving into sounds from across the globe.

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