Michael Clark unveils thoughtfully melancholic single.

‘Talking To Nobody’ occupies your daydreams and infiltrates your memories.


Listening to Michael Clark’s music is somewhat like soundtracking memory. The layers and instrumental textures drift like seaweed underwater, timeless, bound by only tide. A bit like a sudden understanding of the grandeur of the ocean whilst holding your breath under water. ‘Talking To Nobody’ is the second half of a double A-side release (out May 1st) which features the equally excellent ‘Winter Song’.

‘Talking To Nobody’ combines a delicate layer of electric piano alongside folk-tinged guitar, each interweaving second of sound allowing the listener to fall deeper into the track’s sonic depths. Vocals echo across the track and lift the song into dreamier and more hypnotic territory.

Whilst minimalism and simplicity may seem to be at the heart of Michael Clark’s music, it’s the tone of the lyrical delivery and the weight of the emotion tucked within the track that allows his music to be fallen for time and time again.

On his new release, Michael Clark occupies your daydreams and infiltrates your richest memories, a 3:30 minutes of nostalgia and sonic escapism. ‘Talking To Nobody’ is out May 1st on Nothing Fancy Records.

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