Irish trio Foreign Owl excel on debut single ‘Blowfish’.

On their debut the band exist in an art-pop universe of their own.


Foreign Owl make the sort of tight-knit and thoughtful indie music which even the noughties indie boom would’ve been grateful for. The Irish trio’s latest release ‘Blowfish’ offers an insight into their creative world, the track’s instrumental twists and turns echoing a band ready to move into the realms of the expected and intent on offering the magic at every possible point.

That’s not to say there isn’t a catchy chorus onsite or a soaring vocal harmony for that matter. Fast forward to 3:14 for more than you bargained for. Foreign Owl’s lyrical output tweaks your imagination before the off-kilter rhythms pull you away, left only to admire the band’s use of joyous melody. The band’s vast landscape of ideas and intriguing sonic expression makes for an interesting listen, combining moments of palette-cleansing indie pop with more instant avant-garde urges.

The music video follows the trio through an autumn forest, an evening of dancing in a dimly-lit, graffiti-splattered public bathroom (my guess a music venue) with friends to a walk through the beautiful fields of the Irish countryside in daylight. A contrast reflected both in their visual and audio output.

‘Blowfish’ was recorded to 16-Track Tape at Analogue Catalogue Recording Studio in Northern Ireland and will be part of the band’s debut record.

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