A crooner for the open-road spirit, George Ullyott.

George Ullyott’s ‘Save That Line’ echos solitude and evokes memory.


London’s George Ullyott is a welcomed mood. A crooner for the open-road spirit – temporarily trapped but timelessly compassed, his latest release ‘Save That Line’ is a journey well worth ramblin’ on.

Existing at a time of circumstantial solitude, follow the night ride home in blue-tinted moonlight and we’re dreaming; cosied murmurs of dwelled delights. Gently smoothed orange juice in matte speckled pottery, the comfort carved folds of embroidered cushioning and linen, gently blowing on washing lines in summer’s evening innocence – this could undoubtedly be the ambient embrace of our subconscious craving.

With ‘Save That Line’, Ullyott has created a sanctity. An unvarnished safe space built, to momentarily store your thoughts in an old pine scented keepsake and naturally remedy the restless – take a step back with this balmy passage and practise the freedom of simply being.

The fulfilment you feel here is real.

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