On our latest show on Boogaloo Radio we got in touch with Mellah.

Our new music show returned with an in-depth interview with London artist Mellah.


Our weekly new music show (Tuesday’s 6-8PM) on Boogaloo Radio continues, the presenters are broadcasting from home in order to keep the airwaves full of music and conversation, but also to maintain some form of sanity. For this week’s episode of the show, we got on the phone with an artist we’ve been following at Hard Of Hearing for a few years, Mellah.

Since we first opened our ears to the ‘Liminality’ EP in 2017, Mellah’s killer combination of breezy off-kilter indie with lyrics that question both society’s darkest corners and the current political landscape we live in, we’ve been hooked. The release of latest EP ‘Middle England’, their first on Columbia Records, has seen Mellah’s outlook deepen with lyrics and subject matter that addresses such issues as child poverty, world oil trade and mass consumerism.

We caught up with the man behind the project Liam Ramsden, we talked about the message behind Mellah’s new video for ‘Family Fun’, our current state of lockdown and an upcoming debut album. We also played a whole host of new tracks by new artists on our radar.


  1. TV Priest – House of York
  2. Fake Turins – False Sympathies
  3. Some Bodies – Sunshine
  4. Public Body – Naughty On My Bike
  5. Bloody Death – Never Have I Ever
  6. Uma – Astronaut
  7. DISCHAAAGRGEE – Seven To High
  8. Jellyskin – Half Pedal
  9. Paris Death Hilton – Celebcore
  10. Kluster B – Backseat Liberty
  11. Mellah – Death Pillage Plunder
  12. Mellah – Family Fun
  13. Mirror Shot – Taste Invader
  14. Fruit Tones – I know where love comes from
  15. Pozi – Whitewashing
  16. Marlins Dreaming – Sink or Swim
  17. Document – Spy who came in from the cold
  18. Odd Morris – Lilac Leaves
  19. Porridge Radio – Sweet
  20. Twisted Ankle – Landlord Laughs
  21. Sunnbrella – Nick Hornby

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