London’s BUGS unveil dreamy debut single.

‘Nick Gowland’ takes a stand against bullies on a track that is as dreamy as it is defiant.


“It actually started as a joke song I made up on the spot during a rehearsal – a friend was talking to me about being bullied at school so I made a song up about it, but as the song progressed it became it’s own story and a broader comment on assholes everywhere”, says front-women Alice, of the South East London band’s tender and slow-burning debut. And a triumphant and empowering debut it is, a smokey, defiant soundtrack to live your life to.

The delicate vocal of Alice Western drifts perfectly through your focus as ‘Nick Gowland’ introduces itself as a lo fi slice of dream pop. Guitars wade through murky waters as BUGS exercise instrumental minimalism and make beautiful use of space through touching vocal harmonies.

‘Nick Gowland’ is a bit like stepping back through a memory, reliving it scene by scene with flashes of retrospective emotion, but this time you’re able to right the wrongs. BUGS’ debut is a universal FUCK YOU to all the Nick Gowlands out there.

‘Nick Gowland’ is out now backed by B-side ‘The Garden’ on Sad Club Records.

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