Lucy Dreams use AI-led Electro-rock to combat mankind’s greed.

‘The Journey’, the new single by the Vienna natives explores mankind’s self-destruction.


Echoing the fizzing Electronic textures of early Daft Punk, a distorted vocal delivery and a space age vision of mankind’s footprint, we welcome Lucy Dreams. Hailing from Vienna, Austria Lucy Dreams is the creation of producers dp.

Lucy, an AI, her dreams, the audio experimentation used by dp, became a mirror to society. It’s algorithm was fed with the sounds of Kraftwerk, Mozart and Pink Floyd, the result, a euphoric Electronic rock soundscape with lyrics yearning to re-write society’s wrongs.

“It all started with an Audio-AI..” say dp, “.. coupling digital and analog sound effects. Countless sound experiments with this effect system paved the way towards unknown and exciting sound spheres. The system was called Lucy, the sound experiments were seen as Lucy’s dreams.”

The Viennese producers use their non-human voice and ouput to discuss issues such as over-ambition, the destruction of nature and worldwide poverty, a strangely perfect juxtaposition for music so euphoric and dance-ready.

Today we offer a preview to their new single ‘The Journey’ which arrives tomorrow (17.04.20) on Austrian label Prueckl Beats. Lucy Dreams play a special IG Live show on release day, event info here. The music video arrives a week later (24.04.20).

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