Bristol’s Home Counties unleash ferocious debut.

A turbocharged debut by Bristol’s Home Counties.


Newly formed from the ashes of previous project Haze, the Bristolians have honed their sound and returned leaner and more direct than ever. ‘Redevelopment’ is surely the return everyone hoped for, no doubt a firecracker live and a catchy slab of post-punk forced into a 3 minute radio-ready nutshell.

Despite currently being almost un-googleable with their new name, Home Counties have no doubt burrowed into their deeper jams and more expansive thoughts and brought forward the succulent nectar within. The result: ‘Redevelopment’.

The Bristol quintet’s debut brings together tangled and wiry guitar lines to an off-kilter-feel post-punk soundscape. Lead vocals bark and bite in equal measure, echoing those of new leaders of the guitar pack Squid, whilst backing vocals work their charm through call and response. It’s everything you’d ask for from a debut single.

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