Cagework unveil plans of upcoming 2020 album.

The London alt-rock trio have unveiled plans for a new album this Spring.


In July of 2019 Cagework released a superbly promising self-titled debut record. Less than a year later and the prolific London trio have announced their next full-length effort. If recent singles ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Jagged’ are anything to go by, the band’s new record is going to be a ferocious one. Bounding between shorter bursts of energy and ideas on ‘Safe & Sound’, to more expansive and heavier Math rock moments on ‘Jagged’, the band lead us further down a beautifully dark and winding sonic path.

The upcoming new album is entitled ‘Exercise In Conflict’ and is set to be released in May of 2020, with and it’s artwork featuring images from 1920’s Italy. Of the new record’s writing and recording process, in which frontman Sam Bedford takes a hands-on approach to it’s production, he remarks, “We all really feel it portrays us as a group more accurately in regards to ‘our sound’..” before adding, “I guess for me it’s been a bit about overcoming personal demons”.

The LP will contain recent releases ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Jagged’ as well as live favourite ‘Simmer’ which Bedford states found a home on the new album. Cagework have supported Crushed Beaks, Yuck’s Max Bloom, B Boys, JOHN and Corridor in the lead up to this release, and a new record can only add more fuel to their fire.


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