NEW MUSIC: Linden – ‘Velvet Morning’.

Linden opens the door to a world of psych-filled slow jams.


Brighton-based artist Linden has handed us the psych-filled slow jam we need right now. Dripping with highly visual lyricism which echos the output of David Lynch or Nick Cave, Linden asks us create our own world within.

Following on from debut single ‘Voodoo’, a delicate piano-led number showing off a supreme vocal talent and a way with words, we’re presented with ‘Velvet Morning’. Linden’s new single has an underbelly of psychedelic imagery, the feeling of perfectly warm summer days overtakes you before you’re led down the rabbit hole.

Drums cut a beat, thick bass lines present a slow groove whilst guitars and violin set the scene. A first listen may offer similarities in sound with American artist Alexandra Savior, but Lindin has her own tricks up her sleeve. Follow Linden here.


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