NEW MUSIC: Marlin’s Dreaming – ‘Outwards Crying’.

Emotionally drenched dream pop from New Zealand.


From the picturesque lands of New Zealand’s South Island come Marlin’s Dreaming. The Dunedin band’s most recent single ‘Outwards Crying’ is of course a dreamy affair. Vocals soar and push the track into epic territory in the chorus whilst bass guitar courses through the minimalist verses.

“..I’m leaving this town for a minute, leaving all I’ve found, I’m leaving this town for a a second, or even just a day..”.

‘Outwards Crying’ is the second single released this year including the beautiful ‘Sink or Swim’, both tracks will form part of upcoming album ‘Quotidian’, out on April 21st, 2020.

“Outwards Crying is about my urge to leave my hometown and change my surroundings,” says songwriter Maiai. “Outwards crying is a nature song! For the video, we wanted a gritty and off-kilter accompaniment to the song, and it turned out to be shooting farm animals and old buildings around Dunedin, which I can’t explain why but seems fitting. I feel like this is our most heavy song on the upcoming album, not in terms of instrumentation, but more how confronting it is emotionally.”


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