PREMIERE: Mirror Shot – ‘Taste Invader’.

New London quartet Mirror Shot channel indie heavyweights.


London newcomers Mirror Shot are a serious guitar band. Their debut release ‘Crutch’ and it’s B-side ‘Returning’, reflect on times when guitar music held honesty and lyricism high above band aesthetic and marketability. Think Bombay Bicycle Club‘s debut EP ‘The Boy I Used to Be’, the London band capturing a nostalgic indie sound not so easily replicated. Or infact, of Yuck‘s more American-indie sounding self-titled debut record.

Recorded on all-analogue equipment in East London, Mirror Shot are set to release new single ‘Taste Invader’ on April 3rd. As stated by songwriter Niall Rush, “’s sort of an ironic ode to being a teenage muso snob. Being a dick about music as a teenager is ludicrous and embarrassing in retrospect – but it’s a kind of energy in a way, it’s an expression of interest, and it was part and parcel of my original passion for music. Writing a song in character as a puritanical anti-pop crusader then sticking a bloody cowbell halfway through it amused me, as an oxymoron.”.

My mind can’t help but throw up comparisons to 70’s New York City legends Television when listening to ‘Taste Invader’, the opening interaction between Olivia Horrox’s drum beat and guitarists Niall Rush and Adam Smith’s combination has an instant groove and off-kilter appeal.

Subtle and twisting melodies maneuver themselves alongside hook-laden moments of heavyweight-indie. Despite being instantly refreshing, it may not be a track to blow your socks off on a first listen. But, Mirror Shot hold my vote for a band to fall in love with lyric by lyric and release by release.


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