NEW MUSIC: Constant Care – ‘Page On Me’.

Madrid’s Constant Care produce a thrilling debut.


Constant Care is the project of Fergus Brady and delves into some of the more powerful corners of guitar music. It follows in the footsteps of alternative rock heroes Black Rebel Motorcycles Club or Queens Of The Stone Age in it’s powerful guitar-focused sound and driving rhythms.

‘Page On Me’ is direct in it’s approach, but that doesn’t mean boring. It knows what it is. Guitar riffs bounce between hard-hitting drums and deep rumbles of bass as Fergus Brady’s vocals find a sweet spot in between in chaos.

The lyrics “.. embody the desires and struggles of making your way in a big city”, something a lot of us may be able to relate to. ‘Page On Me’ is the band’s debut single and a mega-promising start to the Madrid-based project.


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