ALBUM REVIEW: Wolfgang White & The Lonely Hearts – ‘Infatuated’.


The Australian label that’s releasing an unheard album from their cavern of dreams every week.

Embrace those tears of joy as Sydney babes Third Eye Stimuli prove yet again, they’re the gift that simply keeps giving. Releasing an unheard album from their cavern of dreams EVERY WEEK for the next four weeks, these dudes are on a mission to “rise above all the chaos and keep the music coming” – it’s the only way to do it.

Inspired by Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’, Wolfgang White & The Lonely Hearts present to you: Infatuated. A self-described “hopeless romantic, looking for love in all the wrong places”, let it be known this lone-ranger is not, like everybody else.

An invitation to slow-dance like no other, ‘Infatuated’ is a sweetly heady love-potion for the summer dress wearing, midnight orange-grove dancers of our inner romantic. The same way that “sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time that it takes you forward”**, this is shoulder-freckled charm and surfy croonin’ and quite honestly, if this doesn’t take over your daydreams to the point of scrawling ‘I love Wolfgang White’ all over your September fresh notebook in biology class then… what will?

Like picking clouds of genre-bending musk and gently, no, lovingly, tucking it into your pockets for rainy day safe-keeping, this is twelve tracks of timelessly taped, violet-leaf-magic all swirling into one perfectly Aussie, cassette concoction.

Wolfgang White has more bedroom lo-fi than an Urban Outfitters paisley duvet cover and this is only the beginning. If this realm is anything to go by, things are only gonna get more desirable.

You can support Mr White and future Third Eye Stimuli releases through free stream and, download-by-donation via the labels Bandcamp. Listen here.

**Nick Hornby- High Fidelity.


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