NEW MUSIC: Black Cat Revue – 'Death To The King'.

Taken from their new EP ‘Fortune Favours the Strange’, Glasgow psych sons Black Cat Revue will wash away your fears.


New Music for ‘thisstrangeworld’ edition, Glasgow’s Black Cat Revue are a welcomed introduction from one friend to another.

“Are you motherfucks ready for some cosmic country sonic booms?” – Black Cat Revue, ’20.

Taken off of their recent ‘Fortune Favours The Strange’ EP,  the opening 40 seconds of ‘Death to the King’ is exactly what one might expect the inside of a chameleons head to sound like. Acid-wash woozestreams literal pools of feel-good far-out into a totally mountain peakframe of psyche. All those hours spent dreamin’ of running barefoot through strawberry fields forever… that’s what this is here for.

Essentially, a much as you might wanna search for kaleidoscopic synonyms and make this hella fancy…. it wouldn’t even begin to do this joyride justice.

Like atie-dye Harleyfree-wheelin’ freak-outstraight into the nugget Nevada sun, Black Cat Revue are indulgently capturing all our revivalist desires and it’s absolute badass.

Tune in, turn on, thank you and goodnight.

A note:

The world has gone to utter shit and there is nothing that can be said to even remotely make this better. At a time where inspiration is more vital than ever, share the good vibrations, the music and especially, the comradery because when this is finally over, the least we can say is we did it together.

Bravery, repetition and noise.


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