NEW MUSIC: Black Beach Baby – 'Hold On'.

Swedish duo Black Beach Baby occupy our daydreams with soaring choruses and soothing jangle pop beauty.

Black Beach Baby‘s music enters your subconscious in a way I haven’t felt for a while. Perhaps it’s the Stockholm band’s way with words, the way Andy and My ease into their floating choruses or those gloriously jangly guitar lines that echo a spaced-out ‘Salad Days’-era Mac Demarco.

The bass line on ‘Hold On’ (released 20/04/20) will take little credit for the way it snakes it’s way though the guitar lines and adds a depth of warmth to cushion those lush vocals. Black Beach Baby‘s music has a maturity and a simplicity to it, the kind of choruses and lyrical sentiments we’ve come to expect from huge artists such as Duran Duran or Depeche Mode, it’s not supposed to be so successfully sentimental at this level (a few singles in for the band), but it is.

The lyrics on ‘Hold On’ send shivers to your spine like seeing the handwriting of someone who has passed on, the Stockholm duo’s words bring longing and natural romance to the surface of your thoughts as ‘Hold On’ vocally ghosts right through you.


NEW MUSIC: Drens – ‘Saditsfiction’.


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