NEW MUSIC: The Klittens – ‘Bleeding Gums’.

What’s happening in Amsterdam? Dutch fuzz, grit, guitars in a new-mould. Enter: The Klittens.

Once you hear a piece of music such as ‘Bleeding Gums’ you don’t forget it easily, that’s not to say it’s an instant earworm. But it isn’t meant to be. Each second the guitars and bass rattle in the intro is made to unsettle and dismantle your expectations, and it works. The track harnesses the sort of dripping drainpipe inner city grit that isn’t found just anywhere. The Dutch newcomers inject a scratchy and lo-fi guitar charm into their second single of 2020 which builds into a beautifully raw and fuzzy alternative gem as the feeling grinds between lo-fi, Garage rock to somewhere more otherworldly.

There’s no doubt a love of progressive riffs which hark back to early Queens Of The Stone Age-era Desert Rock, but check out their debut ‘Manic Dixi Dream Girl’ for a more laid-back track with beautifully subtle harmonies and a heaped serving of fuzzy charm.

You think you know where you stand with The Klittens until they serve up a sonic curveball. ‘Bleeding Gums’ is the second track in their debut trilogy of releases recorded with Remko Schouten at IJland Studio. Out on London label Permanent Creeps now. Don’t fuck with The Klittens.

By Karl Johnson
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