NEW MUSIC: Cagework – ‘Safe and Sound/ Grief’.

London-based alternative rock trio Cagework preview first new material since their superb 2019 self-titled record.

Last year Cagework released their self-titled debut record, it consisted of 7 songs and a total album length of 15 minutes and 22 seconds. Despite it’s short length, it was packed to the rafters with heartfelt alternative rock bangers such as ‘Eileen’, ’23’, ‘Modesty’ and the touching ‘Valuables’.

Cagework have released two live videos, ‘Safe and Sound’ and ‘Grief’, to whet the appetite of those seeking a quick follow up to last year’s record.

Recorded live at the band’s rehearsal space in East London, Cagework have added two punchy and very different alt-rock gems to their repertoire. ‘Safe and Sound’ a more abrasive representation of their sound, and ‘Grief’ channelling the band’s math rock leanings.

The London-based trio have two upcoming support dates penned with Big Scary Monsters signees Cassels. They also play a one-off show for Record Store Day in April as part of an in store show at legendary East London record store Flashback Records.

Catch Cagework at one of the below dates as they make good on the promise of new material.


March 28th – Cassels, Cagework, Repo Man – BRISTOL.
April 2nd – Cassels, Cagework, Blood-Visions – LONDON.
April 18th – Cagework (Record Store Day in store) LONDON.  



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