PREMIERE: Supercrack – ‘Saturn Jacket’.

Newcomers Supercrack specialise in nocturnal pop for modern day London living, on their spellbinding debut single ‘Saturn Jacket’.

In a London grassroots scene dominated by angular post-punk (don’t get me wrong I love it),  it’s refreshing to hear a slice of electro-pop that gestures you calmly towards the dancefloor. Rigid yet strangely full of movement and momentum in it’s vocal intricacies.

The thick pulsating beat that underpins Supercrack‘s debut single acts as a blood pumping heartbeat for ‘Saturn Jacket’ and it’s emotionally charged lyricism. Combining warm synths that bubble at the surface of Luke Duffett’s warped vocals, and subtle guitar hooks that bounce between calm and all out rage, Supercrack find a unique formula.

“Saturn Jacket was salvaged from the vulnerable drawl of a 6 minute voice note recorded in a worn, bare magnolia room above a derelict pub in Greenwich. The song radiates a theme of true repentance. ‘Saturn Jacket’ laments for the future, recognising one’s hopelessness in pursuing a life beyond one’s own desires.” – Supercrack.

On the final stretch of ‘Saturn Jacket’ Supercrack move through the gears with true intention, from spacious electro-pop to a final chorus which harnesses the leftfield vocal charm of Glass Animals and the futuristic industrial disco of Sisters Of Mercy.


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