NEW MUSIC: Folly Group – ‘Butt No Rifle’.

Newcomers Folly Group offer up a pent-up and razor-sharp slice of guitar relief on the video for ‘Butt No Rifle’.

Fantality, the coming together of fantasy and reality, could be a word used to describe the debut video by London’s Folly Group. The word is stretched across the TV at the beginning of the band’s video for ‘Butt No Rifle’ after all.

What do you know about the “Indie” scene in Oxford around 2006? Nothing off the top of your head? Oxford has birthed some famous bands in recent years Radiohead, Ride, Glass Animals, Supergrass and…. Foals.

In 2007, releasing through Transgressive Records, Foals made their name on knotty, wiry and futuristic Math rock (merging progressive and indie rock). See both sides of early singles ‘Hummer’, ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Balloons’, it bends darkness through light on knotty and driven guitar and bass, not a gigantic leap from what Folly Group do on the above.

What I’m trying to say it that ‘Butt No Rifle’ takes your somewhere sonically within it’s mix of influences. Lightning-paced tight knit drumming, throbs of bass, and guitar lines that bring NYC legends Television into 2020 London listening.

Folly Group – “Me and my twin were born in London, we left, then I came back. The lyrics to ‘Butt No Rifle’ are a surreal depiction of me struggling to reconcile fond memories with the far starker reality young adults here are presented with.”

Get down to see Folly Group. They don’t sound like Foals.


26th February / The Windmill, London (supporting Pottery, details here)
6th March / The Windmill, London (supporting Barringtone, details here)
11th March / The Old Blue Last, London (supporting Powerplant, details here)
12th March / Venue MOT Unit 18. London (supporting Pozi, unannounced)
18th March / The Shacklewell Arms, London (supporting Lice, details here)
24th March / The Social, London (for So Young, details here)


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