NEW MUSIC: Tiña – ‘Dip’.

New Music
London’s Tiña return with ‘Dip’, a follow up to their joyous debut ‘I Fine Fine’.

We’ve hardly had time to wash our loony-tunes spandex and yet here we are
again as Tiña release ‘Dip’ via Speedy Wunderground.

If you appreciate anything involving school assembly sing-along’s, pretending
to be a Marc Jacob’s muse rolling in fields of daisies or, general good vibrations
then you will bloomin’ love this. In a universe where things are fully turning
whack… why suffer alone when instead, you could draw yourself into what can
only be sold as an interpretive hug from five banded men that, despite its
three-minute lingering’s, never feels awkward.

Just take a moment real quick to imagine the sheer delight a hot air-balloon
would surely be experiencing whilst floating through the high-heavens. Puffing
along gently to the rhythm of its own blissed-out making, the lone-ranger takes a slight detour via pinky-silver linings of climate-d croon, before cornering nostalgia-nook and breaking through into a much less concentrated, but charmingly gathered body of atmosphere. That’s obviously not what this is but, it’s close enough.

Idealistically, frontman Joshua Loftin could well be Streatham’s answer to Babe
Rainbow if the babes took to tales of sex and rejection via their reportedly full,
Magical Mystery Bus. In a city that seems adamant on pushing its dwellers to
total cyclical exhaustion, it’s about time someone rolled up their sleeves,
opened the windows to a wholly breezier perspective and just keep things
simple. Throwing in a bit of ‘faces in trees’ just to keep things real, thank fuck
we have Tiña to get us through the day or we’d all be drifting aimlessly.

This is a chime that totally lives up to the puckered satisfaction one gets from
saying the word ‘dip’. It’s time to dance.


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