NEW VIDEO: Cruelty – ‘Leather Boy’.

Bristol’s Cruelty channel romantic anxiety through post-punk carnage on ‘Leather Boy.

Cruelty have offered up a video to their latest single, the snarling and lightning paced post-punk magic of ‘Leather Boy’ released on Permanent Creeps Records.

Since the release of their debut single ‘Disgraced’ in 2018, the Bristol five-piece have been patiently gathering pace. The band were handpicked by IDLES to play their ‘Bruiser’ after party for their homecoming show in Bristol, a gig bound to increase their alternative stock.

‘Leather Boy’, the band’s latest, is instantly absorbing. Opening with a beating kick drum that acts as a heightened heartbeat, Will Briscoe’s vocals take centre stage rolling us into a storm of noise and pent-up energy.

Guitars shudder and vibrate violently moving between restraint and all out mayhem, bass lines rumble like clapped-out inner city train lines as Briscoe’s vocal steps up to cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand.

It’s through the rough and rawer side of modern existence that Cruelty finds it beauty. Based on the band’s first two singles we’re in for a beautifully bumpy ride.


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