NEW MUSIC: PVA – ‘Divine Intervention’.

Photo – Jody Evans

“The euphoria of dance music cures it all” –  It’s the highly anticipated debut by London three-piece PVA.

Forming at a house party two years ago, PVA is the genre-melding electronic project of London musicians Ella Harris, Josh Baxter and Louis Satchell. Their debut release ‘Divine Intervention’ is the latest output by London label Speedy Wunderground.

Of their new release PVA have said, “Divine Intervention is about getting lost in memories and past experiences, coming to resolution within yourself and growing from these experiences to be a fuller, more rounded version of yourself. It’s very cathartic being able to contrast these personal, quite sad at times lyrics against such an upbeat track – the euphoria of dance music cures all”.

The track combines euphoric synth leads, flourishes of spaced-out, funky-yet-spikey guitar lines to a tough backbone of dance-inspired drum beats. The vocals are immediately striking, a mesmerising male/ female combination that leads the track’s anxious energy into a state of sonic ecstasy.

Deep within the soul of the London trio’s debut is a feeling of industrial electronica, fit for warehouses in large cities and destined for darkened festival tents of summer 2020.

Out 17th January 2020 on 7″ vinyl (250 copies) + on digital 20th December.



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