Photo – Chiara Gambuto

HUSSY’s new single is a story of self-empowerment and healing.

HUSSY is the project of Sophie Nicole Ellison, her hard-hitting and expansive sound touches the darker corners of emotion through soul-stirring alternative rock. Following on from the washed out pop sensibilities of ‘Slayer/ Playtime’ to the intricate and dark-hearted ‘Forever’, HUSSY are back and in euphoric form.

The new release is entitled ‘YLMD’ (You Let Me Down) and sees Ellison pushing HUSSY’s emotionally drenched guitar music into more euphoric and expansive territory. Showstopping choruses rain down over ‘YLMD’ alongside wall of sound guitars that echo My Bloody Valentine.

The rigid drum beat which backs the London artist’s new single acts as a heightened heartbeat to Ellison’s emotionally-charged vocal delivery. Guitars swim from left to right washing over you in sonic euphoria as the song’s healing properties latch on to every unhealed wound.

HUSSY’s new release shudders and pulsates mirroring the euphoric highs and grisly lows of love, but this time self-empowerment and healing is the message within.


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