NEW MUSIC: Margot – ‘In Your Palm’.

Cut from their upcoming EP, Margot move into new territory on ‘In Your Palm’.

London dream pop specialists Margot unveil the video for their new single ‘In Your Palm’ created by Jenny Wright. The new release will form part of the band’s highly anticipated debut EP entitled ‘Margotzeko’, which includes previous release ‘Taken by Age’ and ‘In Your Palm’.

‘In Your Palm’ opens with a crisp slow-burning groove, guitars offer a flicker of light as frontman Alex Hannaway’s awesome vocal assumes control and floats through a depth of emotion capturing the fragile feeling of love and memory like no other.

“You had me in your palm, i’d do anything but now i’m done, what happened to us, broken in two, you turned away as problems grew”.

The new release sees Margot cover new sonic ground with the introduction of electric piano, saxophone, trombone and vintage synthesizers. But what is most impressive, is the use of these instruments to push their overall sound in a new realm. Towards the end of ‘In Your Palm’, the sound builds into almost psychedelic territory with each new layer allowing the listener to drift into their own memory before being brought back to earth with a bump.


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2 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: Margot – ‘In Your Palm’.

  1. Wow, what a dreamy song and really interesting concept of the video. Brilliantly described too! Thank you.

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