NEW MUSIC: Okay Kaya – ‘Baby Little Tween’.

Norwegian-born New Yorker Okay Kaya drops a luscious and mellow electronic piece in ‘Baby Little Tween’.

Norwegian-born New Yorker Kaya Wilkins a.k.a Okay Kaya is no ordinary singer-songwriter. She uniquely blends a magic potion of jazz melodies, fragile chords, and supple vocals, often paired with spacey production.

She is set to release her highly anticipated second album entitled ‘Watch This Liquid Pour Itself’ in 2020. Back in September, she shared a wonderfully delicate song from the upcoming LP called ‘Ascend and Try Again’. Another track called ‘Baby Little Tween’ complete with a striking video, has landed. It features luscious, spacey synth pads, and mellow electronic beats.

From the video of ‘Baby Little Tween’.

On ‘Baby Little Tween’, Kaya’s vocals are controlled as always, as she sings about pills that might stop her getting wet, and her vices: “riding on your d***, the only vice I’ve left, I will get sick of it, I still smoke cigarettes, look at the internet”.

Her vocals are particularly emotional and sombre in the repeated line, “.. Am I gonna miss my brain?”. Her voice has a kind of wisdom and maturity that’s rich and soul-stirring.

Overall, ‘Baby Little Tween’ is a delightful addition to the upcoming album ‘Watch This Liquid Pour Itself’ due 24 January 2020.


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By Ellie Rose Davies

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