NEW MUSIC: Two Tribes – ‘Videodrone’.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Waespi

Two Tribes explore human emotion within the confines of technological advancement on ‘Videodrone’.

What are you doing with the next 7 minutes of your life? The amount of information you can take in through technology in that period of time is startling, overwhelming and often unnecessary. We wake, we plug ourselves in, we consume it, we struggle to compute it and then we wonder why we can’t sleep – machines don’t sleep.

On ‘Videodrone’, London’s Two Tribes explore human emotion within the confines of rapid technological advancement. Let’s get straight to it, ‘Videodrone’ is an dance tune, tinged with a strong love for industrial soundscapes. Gurgling synthesisers ripple in devastating waves of electronic noise, they build and fall in euphoric harmony against a backdrop of shared vocals by Patrick Smith and Annalisa Iembo. Guitars rise and wash over you, bass lines are unstoppable and the beats become all-consuming, the combination as bewitching as the track’s subject matter.

News from the band says “.. ‘Videodrone’ deals with how the idea of a digital identity, over-stimulation from technology and the internet can perpetuate disillusion and desensitisation in the real world. For some of us, the amount of information available can be a difficult thing to process sometimes, we wanted to explore in this song that increasingly blurred line between mind and mechanism. The title takes inspiration from David Cronenberg’s 1983 film ‘Videodrome’, which carries similar themes about the cult of technology.”

The band’s next headline show will be an immersive takeover of their home base The Shacklewell Arms on 9th November, transforming the venue into a mind-melting psych-rave. Find more information regarding the band’s headline show here. Two Tribes will also provide main support for Sink Ya Teeth as part of a Hard Of Hearing presents show this November at The Lexington.

Live Dates
9th Nov – Shacklewell Arms, London – Tickets.
12th Nov – Latest Music Bar, Brighton – Tickets.
29th Nov – The Lexington, London w/ Sink Ya TeethTickets.


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