Hard Of Hearing on Boogaloo Radio w/ Talk Show.

Our guests were Talk Show, our record in discussion was ‘Deciever’ by DIIV, it’s EP18 of our live new music show.

Live from Boogaloo Radio HQ in Highgate our new music show returned for EP18. We have a brand new bunch of tunes from new artists we love and have featured on our blog as well as a chat about DIIV‘s new record. We also got to dig deep into what makes Talk Show the band they are, what they’ve got planned for the future and who they’d let choose their set list live.

This show contains tracks by: Talk Show, Bdrmm, Fake Turins, DIIV, Dry Cleaning.


NEW MUSIC: Fake Turins – ‘Fake Sympathies’.

ALBUM REVIEW: Family Time – ‘The Great Abismo’. 

NEW MUSIC: Talk Show – ‘Ankle Deep (In A Warm Glass Of Water’)


By Karl Johnson

FB // Twitter // Instagram // Radio // Hype-M



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