NEW MUSIC: Lazarus Kane – ‘Narcissus’.

London label Speedy Wunderground’s newest recruit, the disco-loving, funk-filled Lazarus Kane.

Landing on UK shores at some point in the recent past, the US born Lazarus Kane has brought with him perhaps the grooviest track of 2019 in ‘Narcissus’.

Armed with a drum machine and some synthesisers, Kane has given us a debut single which sits firmly on the dance floor. The lyrical content addresses excessive drinking, social media addiction and even the Kardashians, whilst sonically the track finds a sweet groove between a repetitive and hypnotic bass line and guitars that spiral in and out of control.

Vocals are shared by Kane and Jane Lettuce, which adds a new dimension to ‘Narcissus’ as the lyricism morphs into conversation. Synths build into the track and move it into otherworldly territory, pop-funk to all out electronica in an incredibly danceable 7:29 minutes.


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By Karl Johnson

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