NEW MUSIC: Family Time – ‘Room 301’.

Family Time’s holiday opera continues with the release of new video ‘Room 301’.

Family Time are entertainers, the above video of the band’s new single ‘Room 301’ serves to further cement that. On perhaps their most danceable and groove-addled track to date, the London-based Spanish duo provide another insight into the unique world of what is Family Time.

The track opens with an array of pulsating synths alongside a mechanical beat, vocals swim in and out of harmony as ‘Room 301’ builds into a unsuspecting heavy groove. A song of two parts, Family Time’s new single impressively fuses down tempo electronica with wonky art-pop.

Family Time’s debut record will at last get to see the light of day. Having already toured and conquered Spain’s vast, “groaning hotel scene” sharing their “self-recorded pop opera” to it’s sun-kissed residents, ‘The Great Abismo’ will shortly be out in the world for all to experience.

‘Room 301’ is the last single to be taken from the band’s upcoming debut record, which is out this coming Friday (27.09).


04.10 – SET, Dalston.
05.10 – Lion Coffee, Clapton.
06.10 – Crofters Rights, Bristol.


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By Karl Johnson

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