PREMIERE: Career – ‘Warm Blood’.

Career unveil ‘Warm Blood’, the lead single from their upcoming EP.

With their upcoming EP to be released on November 1st, London four-piece Career have shared lead single ‘Warm Blood’. The release will be the band’s first in the digital realm having previously released two EP’s as cassette only.

‘Warm Blood’ takes influence from many corners of guitar music, the fiery post-punk lyrical delivery, hypnotic math rock guitars and a hard-hitting groove-based rhythm section. It makes everything really quite danceable.

Career fly out of the traps with a brand of lighting-paced indie rock, only to change pace and tact in a heartbeat, dropping stop-start rhythms and breakneck changes at will. ‘Warm Blood’ is part frustration, part euphoria. The track balances offbeat and wiry guitarplay with surging verses and euphoric choruses, with enough nervous energy and sharp turns to keep you guessing.


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By Karl Johnson

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