NEW MUSIC: Dry Cleaning – ‘Sit Down Meal’.

London’s Dry Cleaning release new single ‘Sit Down Meal’ and announce the release of their second EP this October.

If you were lucky enough to catch Dry Cleaning at their sold out show at London haunt The Shacklewell Arms recently or have heard their debut EP ‘Sweet Princess’, the new cut from the London band is bound to excite you.

‘Sit Down Meal’ starts with a progressive drum beat and a pulsating synthesizer glowing in the background, before singer Florence Shaw’s calm and thoughtful vocal comes into play, this time part-sing, part spoken word. Soon after, the track kicks in and the band find their tight post-punk groove.

‘Sit Down Meal’ is underpinned by a repetitive bass groove that just keeps giving, allowing the guitarwork to move into more exploratory territory. Patience is at the forefront of Dry Cleaning‘s approach, each instrument servicing the track in the best way it can, whilst also finding time within to make it’s mark.

Regarding the track’s lyrical theme of a breakup, Shaw describes her approach, “You cling to details, things you did together and reel at their significance.. If you smell their perfume on someone else you feel overwhelmed, but immediately and painfully aware of how lightning quick a relationship can evaporate into thin air.”

Dry Cleaning‘s new EP entitled ‘Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks’ will be released on October 25th. Both the band’s EP’s will be compiled together and released as a 12″ vinyl next month.


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By Karl Johnson

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