PREMIERE: Ski Lift – ‘Comfortable Here’.

Photo by Kiera Anee

London trio Ski Lift reveal their alternative pop gem of a debut single ‘Comfortable Here’.

Formed in late 2018, Ski Lift are a trio comprised of Benji Tranter, Anna Vincent and Jovis Lane. The band step out of the shadows with their debut single ‘Comfortable Here’ following a flurry of shows around the capital. 

The band’s debut single harnesses the grit and raw edges of alternative rock yet with strong pop melodies, singer Benji Tranter’s vocal hooks putting the indie pop icing on a hard-hitting base.

The track’s lyrical content finds itself directly in 2019, ‘Comfortable Here’s playful social commentary sums up a modern day existence, unhappy with the world at our fingertips. Or perhaps, being OK with our own natural insecurities.

Towards the end of ‘Comfortable Here’, we’re treated to perhaps the sweetest pop breakdown of the year. “Sleep on it now, it will go away, your not alone, there’s another way“.

There’s a lot to love about Ski Lift‘s debut effort, coming in at just over 3 minutes it manages to capture the slacker charm of American rock whilst not loosing the track’s indie pop roots.

Ski Lift‘s single launch is Friday September 20th at Sister Midnight Records in Deptford, London. Support comes from the superb HUSSY and Icehead, event details here.


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By Karl Johnson

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